Streamline the day to day of your Amazon Business without spending time & effort training employees.

With our automation and staff we can reduce your workload by 30% Guaranteed!

Is a Virtual Assistant Right for You?

The daily workflow of an Amazon seller has become impossible to juggle alone. More often than not you find yourself focusing on mundane repetitive tasks and not spending enough time as the business manager. 

Instead of analyzing data, strategizing, focusing on sales advertising and product launches. You are stuck in the mud dealing with suppressed listings, buyer messages, and keyword research.

These tasks are important. 

BUT should not be done by you. 

Start using Virtual Amazon Experts to help streamline your daily operations and spend time on the tasks you are MOST valuable at.

In the past...

Sellers manage all tasks and aspects of their selling account on their own, working long hours, with many tasks falling through the cracks. Hired help requires training and structure. Time consuming and expensive!

More Recently...

Third party companies have been offering virtual assistants; however, many have no Amazon training or structure/SOPs. Sellers need to spend time training and scheduling tasks or Vas get paid to wait around by a screen... 


Seller Locker offers a service that is friendly on both your TIME and BUDGET, and give your Seller Account the attention it deserves. 

Your trained VA will jump right in, get the work done and give you back the valuable time you need to grow your business!

You asked. We listened.

Our large seller community is always asking for access to our VAs. Seller Locker has a fully trained VA workforce for our reimbursement software, currently managing over 4000+ Sellers reimbursement accounts. We are now giving Sellers access to these Vas for ALL amazon related tasks.

SellerLocker Vas will help you:

  •  Update Listings Content
  • ​Audit and Fight to Remove Negative Feedback 
  • ​Fix stranded inventory issues
  • ​Manage Suppressed Listings
  • ​Creating Shipments
  • ​Case Management and Follow Up
  • ​Keyword Optimization & Rank Tracking - using new Seller Locker tool!
  • ​Creating Promotions
  • ​Generating Reports
  • ​Creating Alerts
  • ​Any Amazon related task you need
Starter Promotion
A $1000 VALUE
  • 32 MAXIMIZED hours each month
  • Guaranteed Price Lock for 12 months
  • Your Own dedicated and trained Va!
  • Monthly Tracking Reports
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